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(April, 2016) Rick Jaggers set up  an announcements page for Bayshore homeowners and residents to be used and maintained by the Board of Directors! The management company at the time convinced the Board that that any publicly published announcements by board members could open them up to liability. In Rick’s opinion, everyone got paranoid and “gun-shy” because of the property manager. The announcements page and mailing list are still there, on idle….

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Bayshore Townhouses has a common area consisting of one swimming pool, a quarter mile of paved road, several ponds and wonderful landscaping consisting of grass, oak and palm trees, and assorted bushes.

This common area is the collective responsibility of all 68 homeowners.  To manage this common area the developer created an organization named “Bayshore Townhouses of Pinellas Homeowners Association, Inc.”  (HOA). The developers filed the Articles of Incorporation , Corporation Bylaws and DCCRs with the appropriate government agency (City, County, State, etc).  These are legally binding documents that all homeowners agree to when they close on their new home.

(DCCRs=”Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions”)

In November of each year, the homeowners elect a Board of Directors. The BOD then select the HOA officers. Their names and titles are listed on the Board of Directors web page.

The Board of Directors has contracted with a management company to handle the day-to-day details the Association’s business.

The Board of Directors meets as necessary to provide oversight to the management company, usually every other month or so.

You might be interested in reading about what the HOA provides and does not provide.

Bayshore Townhomes Aerial Street Map


  • HOA – Homeowners Association
  • BOD – Board of Directors
  • DCCRs – Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions